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The adventurers are the youngest member of Selside CE school with children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and 2. We are lucky to have a beautiful, new, purpose built classroom with an outdoor area to extend our provision outside and to make the most of our stunning surroundings.
In the adventurers, we follow a creative curriculum, embedding the core skills of each subject. We ensure that we meet the individual learning needs of each child and encourage them to explore their own interests wherever possible. We place great emphasis on the Plan, Do Review philosophy for learning, which encourages independence, planning, creativity, and reflection in the children’s work.
This term our topic is called Into the woods.
We will be learning about the plants and animals living in the woods.
Who might you meet in the woods? We will be reading a wide range of stories about animal, in particulars bears, that you might find in the woods.
Who lives in the woods? We will be investigating living things in the woods and other local habitats.
What’s the weather like where you live today? We will be investigating patterns of weather around the world, particular comparing the UK with artic countries.
Where did the first Teddy Bear come from? We will be investigating and interpreting the past by looking at different toys.
Miss Lowther – Selside School Head Teacher & Class 1 Teacher
What I love about teaching is the noise, mess, laughter and excitement of the classroom. Seeing the children excited by a new topic. Listening to their curious questions. Watching friendships and confidence blossom, and helping children to get those ‘crack it’ moments! I enjoy teaching… Read more
Mrs Corbett – Class 1 Teacher
I love to see children excited about their learning and striving to achieve their best. Selside School is an inspiring setting and welcoming community where every child is celebrated as an individual. Children are motivated by learning that is active, vibrant and fun, so will… Read more
Mrs Tinson – Class 1 Senior Teaching Assistant
I love teaching, learning and working alongside children - helping them to unlock their full potential. I like to ‘think outside the box’ and to create unique experiences which help children to develop a life-long love of learning. Selside is surrounded by the beauty of… Read more
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