Our daily routine

The beginning of the day

Children can arrive at school from 8.15am onwards. From 8.15-8.30 when the first bus arrives, the children are usually supervised outside or in the Zen Den. On some days, they need to come straight into school. From 8.30, children go to their classes when they arrive where they can do a variety of early morning tasks and challenges or choose to read or go on Mathletics or IDL before school starts. At 8.45am, the children gather for register, ready to start lessons at 08:50am.

School ends at 3.20pm. Children who go on the school bus, line up in the hall and are escorted onto the school buses. Children who are collected are brought out to parents, who wait in the garden area by the Zen Den. We provide after-school care every day from 3.20pm to 5.30pm.

A typical school day is 6 hours 30 minutes. School is open for 190 days of learning per academic year.

Timetable |
This is an example of a daily timetable.

8.50 -9.05 Class activity – often handwriting or improving work

9.05-9.25 Collective worship – sometimes in the afternoon

9.25-10.20 English/Phonics/Reading

10.30 Playtime

10.45 Mathematics

11.45 Class novel/story time

12.00 Lunch

1.00 Mental maths/Reading session

1.10 Foundation Subjects/P.E/Science/RE/Outdoor learning/Art and Design Technology/Plan-do-review

3.20pm School finishes