Lunches & Snacks

Our lunches are made fresh locally at Castle Park School and delivered to us here at school, by a company called Orian. The children can choose from a choice of 3 hot meals and 2 desserts daily. Jacket Potatoes or filled rolls are also offered as an option for all children.

Order your meals via ‘School Hub,’ the on-line meal ordering system. Every family is given a log in username and password. Meals are to be ordered in advance (by 9.00am on the day) and if you pay for school meals, payment should be made to your account in advance.

If your child is ill and not going to be at school, please remember to log in and cancel their meal by 9.00am. To order your child’s meals (up to 2 weeks in advance) go to

School lunches are charged at £2.80 per meal.

Selside school has Healthy Schools status. This means our food provision (Breakfast club, lunchtime and at other times in the school day) complies with government standards for schools and we promote healthy eating and drinking, also that we have implemented high standards in other key areas of health. The other areas are personal, social and health education, physical activity and emotional health & wellbeing.

Breaktime Snacks and Water Information

Children may bring healthy snacks, e.g. fruit, vegetables, rice cakes for morning break, but sweets, crisps and chocolate are not permitted.

Children should bring an unbreakable water bottle to school to enable them to have access to water during lesson time.  Juice can be brought for lunchtime, but in the classroom water bottles should just contain water.

Selside Menu Autumn-Winter 2023