Outdoor learning

Our school is in the most beautiful setting, with it’s own extensive grounds, including large playing field, wild areas and a stream running through it.  We also have easy access to the whole of the Lake District. Outdoor learning is very important to us and we try to incorporate it into all subjects as well as the whole school having a dedicated afternoon of outdoor learning each week.


Outdoor learning and residential experiences 

We have developed a cycle of learning experiences so that children develop and build on skills as they journey through school, and parents know what they can expect for their child in each year group.

Foundation Stage and Year 1

Focus: Discovering my world and what I can do

Skills developed through:  Integrated throughout Foundation Stage curriculum and continuing into Year 1.  Outdoor provision in school grounds and local woodland.

Residential experience:  No


Years  2 and 3

Focus: Becoming a good team member; working together to discover my own strengths and other people’s

Skills developed through:  Outdoor learning throughout the year.

Residential experience:  Look out for new plans to be announced soon!


Years 4, 5 and 6

Focus: Leadership; continuing to develop as a good team member whilst learning to take the lead

Skills developed through: Outdoor learning throughout the year.  Year 6 take part in a Leadership programme developed with Castle Head FSC.  This involves being leaders throughout the year and working towards the John Muir award.

Residential experience:  Look out for new plans to be announced soon!